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Computer program for language training, teaching, testing, remediation of word, sentence, text level abilities plus dialogue and cognitive training.

The original photo series

ELA - Everyday Life Activities Photo Series

Language training, teaching, testing, remediation of word, sentence, text level abilities

Welcome to Everyday Life Activities (ELA)

ELA is a unique photo series designed for language training, teaching, testing and remediation of word, sentence, and text/discourse level abilities.

ELA is a language kit with unlimited possibilities for creative use with children, adults and geriatric persons. 

About the series

In 1992, the first verb set of 1,000 photo cards and accompanying manuals were published. Since then, three ELA verb sets consisting of 3,000 color photo cards featuring a variety of everyday activities have been produced. ELA  includes basic activities from all areas of life: sleeping, eating, getting dressed, personal hygiene, household tasks, shopping, hobbies, sports, etc.


To complement the verb series, an ELA Object Series consisting of 216 color photo cards depicting single objects used in daily situations was developed. The original objects used in photographing the activities – toys, sporting goods, school supplies, clothing, kitchenware, kitchen appliances, etc. – make up the ELA Object Series. 

Everyday Life Activities (ELA) OBJECT SERIES

The Everyday Life Activities Photo Series, short ‘ELA’ (1992, 1995, 1997, 1998) was conceived as a versatile language ‘kit’ with a wide range of applicability for language teaching, learning, training, testing and therapy. It consists of 3,000 color photo cards (divided into three sets of 1,000 cards) which can be used interchangeably, providing unlimited possibilities for creative use.

Each set comes with a manual with indexes and suggestions for application. Depending on specific goals and needs, various language tasks/games on the word, sentence, and text/discourse level can be developed. ELA is based on linguistic and psycholinguistic principles and variables and allows for a systematic and comprehensive application. Due to the large number of photo cards the ELA Photo Series is optimal for intensive and long term use. 


The ELA photo cards can be used very innovatively to stimulate an individual’s linguistic creativity. ELA is really an instrument at the disposal of the user’s ideas: whatever the therapy or teaching concept is, it can be realized with the ELA photo cards.